Author: Magdolene Dykstra

More things…

I’ve completed another couple of works: another cloud exploration and another fragmented figure. The clouds got bigger, and I absolutely love the surface!

Clouds w Figures 2 Clouds w Figures 2.detail








With this fragmented figure, I decided I wouldn’t focus on making the right number of parts for one figure. So there are too many feet and hands, multiple knees, and two butts.

FF4. 3

Next: seeing if I can combine the fragmented figures with the clouds. Off to the studio!

Fragmented Female 2

She’s done! I took a leap with this one: that teal is pretty loud. I love the effect the unnatural colour creates. The parts look like pieces of a plastic toy, adding to the objectification of the figure.

Female teal.2.web
Fragmented Female 2
Female teal. detail. torso and hands.web
Fragmented Female 2 – detail (raw clay and mixed media)




Fragmented Male

I completed my second exploration into fragmented figures. This one, a male, got quite a bit bigger than I intended. I suppose I’ve gotten used to working close to life size. Instead of the more subtle surface treatment I did on the Fragmented Female, I opted for a bold, yet flat finish for this guy. I’m not sure what I think.

I’m still working with raw clay for these fragmented figures. I like the reference to impermanence and insignificance. On the other hand, I feel a little nagging inside me to fire one of them. Maybe the next one.

raw clay and mixed media
Male.detail.webMale.detail.head.web raw clay and mixed media

The Tree is done!

Funny story: I put this together as a maquette to propose for installation. Here’s the kicker – I misread the call for entry; this isn’t what they’re looking for AT ALL. Oh well; maybe I’ll get to build a 7 foot tree in clay some other time.

unfired clay, mixed media
unfired clay, mixed media
hands for leaves
hands for leaves

Fragmented Figures

I’ve been interested in the fragmentation of the figure for a long time. About a year ago, I was loading one of my life-sized figures into the kiln – part by part (it would later be glued together). Before I shut the kiln, I noticed how the parts looked, and snapped a photo of them intriguingly nestled together. I’m finally pursuing that moment. So far, here we are.

unfired clay and mixed media
unfired clay and mixed media
variable dimensions (approximately 3/4 life size)


NCECA & Carnegie Craft

NCECA, as always, was wonderful. I had the opportunity to get critiques from a few professors. Their insights into my work were encouraging. Now, back to the studio to continue exploring new directions. I’ve posted a couple links about Roberto Lugo, one of this year’s Emerging Artists. He’s a tremendously inspiring, artist-activist.

In the meantime, I have a new piece showing at Carnegie Craft from April 4 – 26. The opening is on Friday April 10, 7 – 9:30pm.