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Candidacy countdown!

VCU Crafts & Material Studies Department presents
An exhibition of MFA candidates:   Jenna Alderiso, Sasha Baskin, Anne Bujold, Magdolene Dykstra, Everett Hoffman, William Lenard, Haiyin Liang, Hollis McCracken, Katey Murphy, and Meg Wachs April 21 - 23, 2017   Opening: Apr. 21, 6-9pm Closing: April 23, 2 - 6pm   Hohman Design | 3409 W. Leigh St.| Richmond, VA 23230

The end of Medalta

That sounds so somber. My time at Medalta has come to a close, and I'm back home in Ontario. Time is a funny thing. I thought 2 months would be plenty of time to get some work done. Even though it was a very productive time, it flew. I wish I could have done more, but that's always the way. I completed 2 major projects during my time in Medicine Hat, as well as a few smaller explorations. The 2 major installations were: a group of clouds installed in the Brick & Tile Factory, and a group of legs installed in the Yuill Gallery. You can see pictures in my Recent Explorations gallery. I'm still working on compiling my photos into a time-lapse video of King of the Castle. Here are a couple of early shots.
King of the Castle
FonD Detail 2.web King of the Castle
  Another major accomplishment during my time at Medalta is finishing a pile of applications for graduate school. I was so happy to get input from Aaron Nelson, Noriko Masuda, Alana Wilson and Josianne Desrochers. I'm so glad all that paperwork is over. Now I just have to wait for a month or two while the powers-that-be determine my fate. Fingers crossed!