Ah! I woke up in Medicine Hat!

I’m finally here. I opened my eyes to a flawlessly blue sky today, and a grin crawled across my face. That never happens in the morning! I spent my first full day exploring a few areas of town. I’m so excited for my tour of the Medalta facilities tomorrow, and can’t wait to get some clay.

I cranked through another group of clouds in my last couple of weeks before leaving Ontario.  I took some very good advice from Nurielle Stern (a really cool ceramic artist based in Toronto), and took some scale shots. The serious scale shot features my husband, Mike (you can find it in the Recent Explorations gallery along with detail shots). I thought I’d put the fun scale shot here, featuring my 15 year old Millie. I tricked her into the shot with a little snack.

107cm x 140cm x 102cm
Clouds 4 (unfired clay, mixed media, cat)