Magdolene’s sculptures are built hollow without the aid of armatures. She uses a mix of coil-building and pinching. Each sculpture is one-of-a-kind, as she does not use molds. She develops ideas through sketching and maquettes, but her building process is very organic. Although Magdolene may have several ideas in mind when she starts a sculpture, the way the clay responds determines the outcome of a piece.

 Magdolene aims to capture a dirty liveliness in the colouring of her sculptures. She keeps the colouration simple to draw attention to the forms and to the faces in particular. For the skin of her figures, Magdolene applies stains and engobes to achieve a rough flesh tone. Although she wants the bodies to be visually stimulating, the stripes and colours used are meant to be secondary to the colour and texture of the faces.