This exhibition features a series of drawings and two sculptures that investigate the column as a signifier of empire. Columns convey the hierarchical nature of the socio-political structure they represent. Rather than conveying a sense of stability and power, Dykstra’s interpretations are tenuous. The series of drawings feature columns that balance unsettlingly close to the horizon’s edge. Their long shadows are a nod to the question posed by Grace Lee Boggs & Jimmy Boggs: “What time is it on the clock of the world?” In the sculptural interpretations, Dykstra uses an aesthetic of microbiology to visualize the human species as an interconnected organism. Composed of unfired clay & mixed media, these structures are impermanent, ready to be deconstructed and reconfigured. Do these accretive forms support the fragile sub-structure or threaten it with its mass? In contrast to viewing impending collapse as a negative end, Dykstra views collapse as a necessary step toward accessing the potential for transformation. This exhibition asks how can we cannibalize the remnants of our falling empires to create more sustainable systems that shift away from hierarchical relations?