There is a universe in my fingerprint. My work explores the landscape of an alternate reality inspired by seen and unseen landscapes. Carpets of flowers robe the earth. Magic seems tangible in the amazing intricacy of microbiology. I am fascinated by the idea of a whole universe existing alongside and inside us. The world I create is rich with new, unfamiliar life, marked with a record of my existence. In this space, time crawls.

I am currently pursuing my Masters in Fine Arts at Virginia Commonwealth University. Although my earlier work was based in the tradition of figurative sculpture, I am now focused on offering a quiet space that activates the viewer's imagination. Dreaming is my act of protest. I refuse to adapt to a reality built on fear, loneliness and anger. Reverie allows my mind to retreat from this hostile world. Multiple small components suggest a vast and lush realm. The rhythm of pinching each component slows down time, allowing me to withdraw into a meditative space. Porcelain, a historically valued material, gently records the nuances of my touch. This white gold hangs like a breath in the cold air. The impermanence of these installations imparts them with the preciousness of a fleeting moment.