I wish I could believe in something. Things have become complicated and I’ve learned too much. The cycle of faith and doubt is exhaustingly unending, so I fashion my own refuge. Landscapes seen and unseen are my last source of awe; here my doubt is suspended for a moment.

I am currently pursuing my Masters of Fine Arts at Virginia Commonwealth University. Although my earlier figurative work searched for meaning in the human experience, my current work explores the landscape of an alternate reality. Magic seems tangible in the amazing intricacy of microbiology and the unknown depths of the ocean. I am fascinated by the idea of a whole universe existing alongside and inside us. The world I create is rich with unfamiliar life. Clay gently records my every gesture. It breaths with me, stretches, tears, ages, cracks and holds onto the potential for rebirth. In this space where time is suspended, I can believe again – for a moment. The impermanence of my work mirrors this fleeting twinkling of faith.